SimGrid  3.19.1
Versatile Simulation of Distributed Systems
Describing your application


Main concepts

  • Actor (or process in legacy interfaces of SimGrid)
  • Activities: resource usage that applications do. This is what takes time.

    Any given actor can do at most one foreground activity, while it can also do several non-blocking activities in the background.

  • These activities take place on Resources (links, compute machine, disks). Resources should be described (created) in the Virtual Platform (link), but your application have many other ways to interact with the resource.
  • The resources are arranged in a hierarchy of Networking Zones, with which the application can also interact. The netzone knows the networking path between one resource to another.

Speak of mailboxes here? Where if not?

Interfaces to describe applications

  • Simple C++ interface: S4U that is currently designed
  • Simple Legacy C interfaces: MSG and SimDag, with comparison.
  • Simple Java Interface: Currently MSG-based, but will be replaced with S4U stuff when ready
  • MPI applications
  • Arbitrary applications: Simterpose and Remote SimGrid (they are currently far from being usable).
  • State our goal of BYOS (build your own simulator), even if it's just a neat name for now