SimGrid  3.19.1
Versatile Simulation of Distributed Systems
chrono.hpp File Reference

Time support. More...

#include <chrono>
#include <ratio>
#include <simgrid/simix.h>


class  simgrid::SimulationClock
 A C++ compatible TrivialClock working with simulated-time. More...


 Alltoall Bruck.


using simgrid::SimulationClockDuration = SimulationClock::duration
 Default duration for simulated time. More...
using simgrid::SimulationClockTimePoint = SimulationClock::time_point
 Default time point for simulated time. More...
using simgrid::nanoseconds = std::chrono::duration< double, std::nano >
using simgrid::microseconds = std::chrono::duration< double, std::micro >
using simgrid::milliseconds = std::chrono::duration< double, std::milli >
using simgrid::seconds = std::chrono::duration< double >
using simgrid::minutes = std::chrono::duration< double, std::ratio< 60 > >
using simgrid::hours = std::chrono::duration< double, std::ratio< 3600 > >
template<class Duration >
using simgrid::SimulationTimePoint = std::chrono::time_point< SimulationClock, Duration >
 A time point in the simulated time. More...

Detailed Description

Time support.

Define clock, duration types, time point types compatible with the standard C++ library API.