SimGrid  3.16
Versatile Simulation of Distributed Systems
/* Copyright (c) 2015-2016. The SimGrid Team. All rights reserved. */
/* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
* under the terms of the license (GNU LGPL) which comes with this package. */
#include "simgrid/msg.h"
#include <xbt/replay.hpp>
XBT_LOG_NEW_DEFAULT_CATEGORY(storage_actions, "Messages specific for this example");
static xbt_dict_t opened_files = NULL;
#define ACT_DEBUG(...) \
if (XBT_LOG_ISENABLED(storage_actions, xbt_log_priority_verbose)) { \
char *NAME = xbt_str_join_array(action, " "); \
xbt_free(NAME); \
} else ((void)0)
static void log_action(const char *const *action, double date)
char *name = xbt_str_join_array(action, " ");
XBT_VERB("%s %f", name, date);
static msg_file_t get_file_descriptor(const char *file_name){
char full_name[1024];
snprintf(full_name,1023, "%s:%s", MSG_process_get_name(MSG_process_self()), file_name);
msg_file_t file = (msg_file_t)xbt_dict_get_or_null(opened_files, full_name);
return file;
static sg_size_t parse_size(const char *string){
char *endptr;
size = strtoul(string, &endptr, 10);
if (*endptr != '\0')
THROWF(unknown_error, 0, "%s is not a long unsigned int (a.k.a. sg_size_t)", string);
return size;
static void action_open(const char *const *action) {
const char *file_name = action[2];
char full_name[1024];
msg_file_t file = NULL;
double clock = MSG_get_clock();
snprintf(full_name,1023, "%s:%s", MSG_process_get_name(MSG_process_self()), file_name);
ACT_DEBUG("Entering Open: %s (filename: %s)", NAME, file_name);
file = MSG_file_open(file_name, NULL);
xbt_dict_set(opened_files, full_name, file, NULL);
log_action(action, MSG_get_clock() - clock);
static void action_read(const char *const *action) {
const char *file_name = action[2];
const char *size_str = action[3];
msg_file_t file = NULL;
sg_size_t size = parse_size(size_str);
double clock = MSG_get_clock();
file = get_file_descriptor(file_name);
ACT_DEBUG("Entering Read: %s (size: %llu)", NAME, size);
MSG_file_read(file, size);
log_action(action, MSG_get_clock() - clock);
static void action_close(const char *const *action) {
const char *file_name = action[2];
msg_file_t file;
double clock = MSG_get_clock();
file = get_file_descriptor(file_name);
ACT_DEBUG("Entering Close: %s (filename: %s)", NAME, file_name);
log_action(action, MSG_get_clock() - clock);
int main(int argc, char *argv[]) {
MSG_init(&argc, argv);
/* Explicit initialization of the action module is required */
xbt_assert(argc > 3,"Usage: %s platform_file deployment_file [action_files]\n"
"\texample: %s platform.xml deployment.xml actions # if all actions are in the same file\n"
"\texample: %s platform.xml deployment.xml # if actions are in separate files, specified in deployment\n",
argv[0], argv[0], argv[0]);
/* Action registration */
xbt_replay_action_register("open", action_open);
xbt_replay_action_register("read", action_read);
xbt_replay_action_register("close", action_close);
if (opened_files == NULL)
opened_files = xbt_dict_new_homogeneous(NULL);
/* Actually do the simulation using MSG_action_trace_run */
msg_error_t res = MSG_action_trace_run(argv[3]); // it's ok to pass a NULL argument here
XBT_INFO("Simulation time %g", MSG_get_clock());
if (opened_files)
/* Explicit finalization of the action module is required now*/
return res!=MSG_OK;