SimGrid  3.16
Versatile Simulation of Distributed Systems
/* Copyright (c) 2006-2016. The SimGrid Team. All rights reserved. */
/* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
* under the terms of the license (GNU LGPL) which comes with this package. */
#include "simgrid/msg.h"
XBT_LOG_NEW_DEFAULT_CATEGORY(storage,"Messages specific for this simulation");
static int host(int argc, char *argv[]){
const char* host_name = MSG_host_get_name(MSG_host_self());
/* - Display information on the disks mounted by the current host */
XBT_INFO("*** Storage info on %s ***", host_name);
xbt_dict_cursor_t cursor = NULL;
char* mount_name;
char* storage_name;
msg_storage_t storage = NULL;
/* - Retrieve all mount points of current host */
xbt_dict_foreach(storage_list,cursor,mount_name,storage_name) {
/* - For each disk mounted on host:
- Retrieve disk's information */
XBT_INFO("Storage name: %s, mount name: %s", storage_name, mount_name);
storage = MSG_storage_get_by_name(storage_name);
sg_size_t free_size = MSG_storage_get_free_size(storage);
sg_size_t used_size = MSG_storage_get_used_size(storage);
XBT_INFO("Total size: %llu bytes", size);
XBT_INFO("Free size: %llu bytes", free_size);
XBT_INFO("Used size: %llu bytes", used_size);
/* - Create a 200,000 bytes file named './tmp/data.txt' on /sd1 */
char* file_name = xbt_strdup("/home/tmp/data.txt");
/* - Open an non-existing file which amounts to create it. */
msg_file_t file = MSG_file_open(file_name, NULL);
sg_size_t write = MSG_file_write(file, 200000); // Write 200,000 bytes
XBT_INFO("Create a %llu bytes file named '%s' on /sd1", write, file_name);
/* - Check that sizes have changed */
XBT_INFO("Free size: %llu bytes", MSG_storage_get_free_size(storage));
XBT_INFO("Used size: %llu bytes", MSG_storage_get_used_size(storage));
/* - Retrieve the size of created file and read it completely */
sg_size_t file_size = MSG_file_get_size(file);
sg_size_t read = MSG_file_read(file, file_size);
XBT_INFO("Read %llu bytes on %s", read, file_name);
/* - Then write 100,000 bytes in tmp/data.txt */
write = MSG_file_write(file, 100000); // Write 100,000 bytes
XBT_INFO("Write %llu bytes on %s", write, file_name);
storage_name = xbt_strdup("Disk4");
storage = MSG_storage_get_by_name(storage_name);
/* - Move file from ./tmp/data.txt to ./tmp/simgrid.readme */
XBT_INFO("*** Move '/tmp/data.txt' into '/tmp/simgrid.readme'");
MSG_file_move(file, "/home/tmp/simgrid.readme");
/* - Attach some user data to the file */
/* - Then retrieve this data */
char *data = MSG_file_get_data(file);
XBT_INFO("User data attached to the file: %s", data);
/* - Attach some user data to disk1 */
XBT_INFO("*** Get/set data for storage element: %s ***",storage_name);
data = MSG_storage_get_data(storage);
XBT_INFO("Get storage data: '%s'", data);
MSG_storage_set_data(storage, xbt_strdup("Some user data"));
data = MSG_storage_get_data(storage);
XBT_INFO("Set and get data: '%s'", data);
/* - Finally dump disks contents */
XBT_INFO("*** Dump content of %s ***",MSG_host_get_name(MSG_host_self()));
xbt_dict_t contents = MSG_host_get_storage_content(MSG_host_self()); // contents is a dict of dicts
xbt_dict_cursor_t curs2 = NULL;
char* mountname;
xbt_dict_t content;
char* path;
sg_size_t* psize;
xbt_dict_foreach(contents, curs, mountname, content){
XBT_INFO("Print the content of mount point: %s",mountname);
xbt_dict_foreach (content, curs2, path, psize) {
XBT_INFO("%s size: %llu bytes", path, *psize);
return 1;
int main(int argc, char *argv[])
MSG_init(&argc, argv);
XBT_INFO("Simulated time: %g", MSG_get_clock());
return res != MSG_OK;