SimGrid  3.20
Versatile Simulation of Distributed Systems

Detailed Description

Internal kernel of all the simulators used in SimGrid, and associated models.

SURF provides the core functionnalities to simulate a virtual platform. It is very low-level and is not intended to be used by end users, but rather to serve as a basis for higher-level simulators. Its interfaces are not frozen (and probably never will be), and the structure emphasis on performance over ease of use. This module contains the platform models. If you need a model that is not encoded yet, please come to the devel mailing list so that we can discuss on the feasibility of your idea.

Please note that as it is not really intended for public use, this module is only partially documented.

Surf documentation

Surf is composed several components:


 Simulation Models
 Functions to declare the kind of models that you want to use.
 Functions for creating the environment and launching the simulation.
 Create a new API
 How to build a new API on top of SURF.
 SURF C bindings
 Describes the c bindings of SURF.
 SURF Interface
 Describes the general interface for all components (Cpu, Network, Storage, Host, VM)
 SURF Cpu Interface
 Describes the general Cpu interface for all Cpu implementations.
 SURF Network Interface
 Describes the general Network interface for all Network implementations.
 SURF Storage Interface
 Describes the general interface for all Storage implementations.
 SURF Host Interface
 Describes the general interface for all Host implementations.
 SURF VM Interface
 Describes the general interface for all VM implementations.
 SURF Linear MaxMin
 Describes how the linear MaxMin system work.
 SURF callbacks
 Describes how to use the SURF callbacks.
 Energy Plugin
 Describes how to use the energy plugin.