SimGrid  3.15
Versatile Simulation of Distributed Systems

Detailed Description

Specific set.

These typedefs are public so that the compiler can do his job but believe me, you don't want to try to play with those structs directly. Use them as an abstract datatype.


struct  xbt_swag_hookup
struct  xbt_swag


typedef struct xbt_swag_hookup s_xbt_swag_hookup_t
 This type should be added to a type that is to be used in a swag. More...
typedef s_xbt_swag_hookup_txbt_swag_hookup_t
typedef struct xbt_swag s_xbt_swag_t
typedef struct xbt_swagxbt_swag_t
 A typical swag. More...

Typedef Documentation

◆ s_xbt_swag_hookup_t

This type should be added to a type that is to be used in a swag.

Whenever a new object with this struct is created, all fields have to be set to NULL

Here is an example like that :

typedef struct foo {
s_xbt_swag_hookup_t set1_hookup;
s_xbt_swag_hookup_t set2_hookup;
double value;
} s_foo_t, *foo_t;
s_foo_t elem;
xbt_swag_t set1=NULL;
xbt_swag_t set2=NULL;
set1 = xbt_swag_new(xbt_swag_offset(elem, set1_hookup));
set2 = xbt_swag_new(xbt_swag_offset(elem, set2_hookup));

◆ xbt_swag_hookup_t

◆ s_xbt_swag_t

typedef struct xbt_swag s_xbt_swag_t

◆ xbt_swag_t

typedef struct xbt_swag* xbt_swag_t

A typical swag.