SimGrid  3.19.1
Versatile Simulation of Distributed Systems
Releasing SimGrid

Releasing the main library

Before releasing

Please apply the following checklist before releasing.

  • Sources
    • The external patches (Debian, etc) are integrated. The COPYING file is aligned with Debian's copyright file, and the dates of SimGrid chunks are accurate.
    • The version number is correctly marked in CMakeLists.txt (in macros SIMGRID_VERSION_*), and also in
    • The "make distcheck" target works (testing that every files needed to build and install are included in the archive)
  • Tests
    • All tests pass on a reasonable amount of platforms (typically, everything on ci + travis/Mac + AppVeyor)
    • You also tested to build and install the content of the source archive on a reasonable amount of platforms (typically, 2 or 3).
  • ChangeLog file
    • All changes are documented
    • The release date is indicated below the changes
    • The release is marked as stable above the changes (remove the UNRELEASED marker)
    • The release dub name matches the one given in NEWS file
  • NEWS
    • The most notable changes of the version are documented
    • The release date is indicated right below the version name
    • The release dub name matches the one given in ChangeLog file

Building the source archive

This should be done from a clean git repository because some files are included through globbing. The best is to use a clean checkout:

cd /tmp
git clone --depth=1 ~/Code/simgrid
cd simgrid
cmake . && make dist

If you prefer, you can clean your repository the hard way:

git reset --hard master # warning, it will kill your uncommited changes
git clean -dfx          # warning, it will kill your uncommited changes
cmake . && make dist

Building the binary jarfile

Get the jarfiles for several OSes on the CI slaves. Use Save under to give a separate name to each of them.

  • On Jenkins: Mac OSX, Linux 64 and Linux 32 (without boost-context), FreeBSD
  • On AppVeyor: Windows

For Linux, it is safer to rebuild them in a chroot (to avoid boost-context and all other optional dependencies):

mkdir /tmp/build-amd64
cp SimGrid-3.*.tar.gz /tmp/build-amd64
sudo debootstrap --arch amd64 --variant=buildd testing /tmp/build-amd64
sudo chroot /tmp/build-amd64
echo "proc /proc proc rw,nosuid,nodev,noexec,relatime 0 0" >> /tmp/fstab
mount proc /proc -t proc
apt-get install -y cmake default-jdk libboost-dev python3 
cd tmp
tar xfz ../SimGrid*tar.gz && cd SimGrid-*
cmake . -Denable_documentation=off -Denable_java=ON
make -j4 && ctest -R java

Once all jarfiles are in a separate directory, run the following to merge them:

mkdir content ; cd content

for j in  ../simgrid-linux64.jar ../*.jar ; do unzip -n $j ; done
# The content of all jar should be the same, but I prefer using the Linux64 version by default
#  => unpack it first, and unpack the others with -n (never overwrite)

test -e doc/javadoc || echo "YOU ARE MISSING THE DOC"

du -sh .                                  # 273M here. Let's strip (Darwin is already good)
strip NATIVE/*/*/*.so                     # Gets BSD and Linux versions, down to 116M
x86_64-linux-gnu-strip NATIVE/*/*/lib*dll # Gets Windows, down to 22M

rm ../simgrid-3_*.jar
zip -r ../simgrid-3_XX.jar *              # Produced ../simgrid-3_XX.jar is 7.7M

To upload the file on gforge, you need to go to Files/Admin then clic on the Settings icon near to the "Add a version" button, and then on the settings icon of the release you want to change.

Check list after releasing

  • Tag the git repository (don't forget to push the tags to the main repo)
  • Push the archive files (tar.gz and jar) on gforge
  • Post a news on gforge (before updating the website)
  • Update the link (and create the directory of the next version)
  • Rebuild and resynchronize the website so that the file gets visible from our download page.
    • Edit org/org-templates/ to change the release version, the tgz link and the jar link.
    • emacs org/site/ and C-c C-c the first source block to refresh the news; fake the date in the result.
    • emacs org/site/ and C-c C-c the first source block to refresh the download.
    • emacs org/site/ and edit the version links.
    • make -C org all sync
    • git commit -a && git push
  • Announce the release
    • Document the tag on
    • Mail the simgrid-user mailing list
      • the NEWS chunk in the mail;
      • Hall of Fame in the mail
        git shortlog -sne v3.18..
      • the ChangeLog chunk as attachment
    • Also mail some other lists (G5K users), with only the NEWS chunk and the link to the download section
  • Release the debian package
    • make -C debian/rules get-orig-source
    • gbp import ../simgrid_XXX+dfsg.orig.tar.xz
    • dch -i "New upstream release" # + copy the NEWS into debian/changelog
    • git mv debian/libsimgrid3.XX.install debian/libsimgrid3.XY.install
    • edit debian/control
      • s/simgrid3.XX/simgrid3.XY/
      • libsimgrid3.XY conflicts with libsimgrid3.XX because of smpimain
  • Update the simgrid/ for spack:
  • Create the template for the next release in ChangeLog and NEWS files
  • Change the release number to 3.X.90 in CMakeLists.txt and
  • Deal with deprecations:
    • Introduce the XBT_ATTRIB_DEPRECATED_v??? macro for the next release.
    • Kill the one for the current release and remove all code that were mandated by the deprecated functions (both in source and headers).
    • Do the possible cleanups now that these features are gone.