SimGrid  3.20
Versatile Simulation of Distributed Systems
msg.h File Reference
#include <simgrid/actor.h>
#include <simgrid/engine.h>
#include <simgrid/forward.h>
#include <simgrid/host.h>
#include <simgrid/instr.h>
#include <simgrid/mailbox.h>
#include <simgrid/plugins/live_migration.h>
#include <simgrid/storage.h>
#include <simgrid/vm.h>
#include <simgrid/zone.h>
#include <xbt.h>


struct  msg_task


#define MIN(a, b)   ((a) < (b) ? (a) : (b))
#define MAX(a, b)   ((a) > (b) ? (a) : (b))
#define msg_as_t   msg_netzone_t /* portability macro */
 Default value for an uninitialized msg_task_t. More...
#define MSG_init(argc, argv)
 Initialize the MSG internal data. More...
#define MSG_task_recv(t, a)   MSG_task_receive(t,a)
#define MSG_task_recv_bounded(t, a, r)   MSG_task_receive_bounded(t,a,r)
 Opaque type representing a barrier identifier. More...


typedef struct msg_Comm sg_msg_Comm
typedef sg_netzone_t msg_netzone_t
typedef sg_host_t msg_host_t
typedef sg_vm_t msg_vm_t
typedef sg_storage_t msg_storage_t
typedef sg_actor_t msg_process_t
typedef sg_msg_Commmsg_comm_t
 Communication action. More...
typedef struct s_simdata_task_tsimdata_task_t
typedef struct msg_task s_msg_task_t
typedef struct msg_taskmsg_task_t
 Task datatype. More...
typedef struct s_smx_sem_tmsg_sem_t
 Opaque type representing a semaphore. More...
typedef struct s_msg_bar_tmsg_bar_t


enum  msg_error_t {
 Return code of most MSG functions. More...


msg_netzone_t MSG_zone_get_root ()
const char * MSG_zone_get_name (msg_netzone_t zone)
msg_netzone_t MSG_zone_get_by_name (const char *name)
void MSG_zone_get_sons (msg_netzone_t zone, xbt_dict_t whereto)
const char * MSG_zone_get_property_value (msg_netzone_t zone, const char *name)
void MSG_zone_set_property_value (msg_netzone_t zone, const char *name, char *value)
void MSG_zone_get_hosts (msg_netzone_t zone, xbt_dynar_t whereto)
size_t MSG_get_host_number ()
sg_host_t MSG_get_host_by_name (const char *name)
sg_host_t MSG_host_by_name (const char *name)
xbt_dynar_t MSG_hosts_as_dynar ()
const char * MSG_host_get_name (sg_host_t host)
voidMSG_host_get_data (sg_host_t host)
void MSG_host_set_data (sg_host_t host, void *data)
xbt_dict_t MSG_host_get_mounted_storage_list (sg_host_t host)
xbt_dynar_t MSG_host_get_attached_storage_lists (sg_host_t host)
double MSG_host_get_speed (sg_host_t host)
double MSG_host_get_power_peak_at (sg_host_t host, int pstate_index)
int MSG_host_get_core_number (sg_host_t host)
int MSG_host_get_nb_pstates (sg_host_t host)
int MSG_host_get_pstate (sg_host_t host)
void MSG_host_set_pstate (sg_host_t host, int pstate)
void MSG_host_on (sg_host_t h)
void MSG_host_off (sg_host_t h)
int MSG_host_is_on (sg_host_t h)
int MSG_host_is_off (sg_host_t h)
xbt_dict_t MSG_host_get_properties (sg_host_t host)
const char * MSG_host_get_property_value (sg_host_t host, const char *name)
void MSG_host_set_property_value (sg_host_t host, const char *name, const char *value)
void MSG_host_get_process_list (sg_host_t host, xbt_dynar_t whereto)
sg_host_t MSG_host_self ()
sg_vm_t MSG_vm_create (sg_host_t ind_pm, const char *name, int coreAmount, int ramsize, int mig_netspeed, int dp_intensity)
msg_vm_t MSG_vm_create_core (msg_host_t pm, const char *name)
msg_vm_t MSG_vm_create_multicore (msg_host_t pm, const char *name, int coreAmount)
int MSG_vm_is_created (msg_vm_t vm)
int MSG_vm_is_running (msg_vm_t vm)
int MSG_vm_is_suspended (msg_vm_t vm)
const char * MSG_vm_get_name (msg_vm_t vm)
void MSG_vm_set_ramsize (msg_vm_t vm, size_t size)
size_t MSG_vm_get_ramsize (msg_vm_t vm)
msg_host_t MSG_vm_get_pm (msg_vm_t vm)
void MSG_vm_set_bound (msg_vm_t vm, double bound)
void MSG_vm_start (msg_vm_t vm)
void MSG_vm_suspend (msg_vm_t vm)
void MSG_vm_resume (msg_vm_t vm)
void MSG_vm_shutdown (msg_vm_t vm)
void MSG_vm_destroy (msg_vm_t vm)
const char * MSG_storage_get_name (msg_storage_t storage)
msg_storage_t MSG_storage_get_by_name (const char *name)
xbt_dict_t MSG_storage_get_properties (msg_storage_t storage)
void MSG_storage_set_property_value (msg_storage_t storage, const char *name, const char *value)
const char * MSG_storage_get_property_value (msg_storage_t storage, const char *name)
xbt_dynar_t MSG_storages_as_dynar ()
void MSG_storage_set_data (msg_storage_t storage, void *data)
voidMSG_storage_get_data (msg_storage_t storage)
const char * MSG_storage_get_host (msg_storage_t storage)
sg_size_t MSG_storage_read (msg_storage_t storage, sg_size_t size)
sg_size_t MSG_storage_write (msg_storage_t storage, sg_size_t size)
int MSG_process_get_PID (msg_process_t process)
int MSG_process_get_PPID (msg_process_t process)
sg_actor_t MSG_process_from_PID (int pid)
const char * MSG_process_get_name (msg_process_t process)
sg_host_t MSG_process_get_host (msg_process_t process)
xbt_dict_t MSG_process_get_properties (msg_process_t process)
const char * MSG_process_get_property_value (msg_process_t process, const char *name)
void MSG_process_suspend (msg_process_t process)
void MSG_process_resume (msg_process_t process)
int MSG_process_is_suspended (msg_process_t process)
void MSG_process_restart (msg_process_t process)
void MSG_process_auto_restart_set (msg_process_t process, int auto_restart)
void MSG_process_daemonize (msg_process_t process)
void MSG_process_migrate (msg_process_t process, msg_host_t host)
void MSG_process_join (msg_process_t process, double timeout)
void MSG_process_kill (msg_process_t process)
void MSG_process_killall ()
void MSG_process_set_kill_time (msg_process_t process, double kill_time)
void MSG_process_yield ()
void MSG_config (const char *key, const char *value)
 set a configuration variable More...
void MSG_init_nocheck (int *argc, char **argv)
 Initialize MSG with less verifications You should use the MSG_init() function instead. More...
msg_error_t MSG_main ()
void MSG_function_register (const char *name, xbt_main_func_t code)
void MSG_function_register_default (xbt_main_func_t code)
void MSG_create_environment (const char *file)
void MSG_launch_application (const char *file)
void MSG_set_function (const char *host_id, const char *function_name, xbt_dynar_t arguments)
 register functions bypassing the parser More...
double MSG_get_clock ()
unsigned long int MSG_get_sent_msg ()
msg_process_t MSG_process_create (const char *name, xbt_main_func_t code, void *data, msg_host_t host)
 Creates and runs a new msg_process_t. More...
msg_process_t MSG_process_create_with_arguments (const char *name, xbt_main_func_t code, void *data, msg_host_t host, int argc, char **argv)
 Creates and runs a new msg_process_t. More...
msg_process_t MSG_process_create_with_environment (const char *name, xbt_main_func_t code, void *data, msg_host_t host, int argc, char **argv, xbt_dict_t properties)
 Creates and runs a new msg_process_t. More...
msg_process_t MSG_process_attach (const char *name, void *data, msg_host_t host, xbt_dict_t properties)
void MSG_process_detach ()
 Detach a process attached with MSG_process_attach() More...
void MSG_process_set_data_cleanup (void_f_pvoid_t data_cleanup)
 Sets a cleanup function to be called to free the userdata of a process when a process is destroyed. More...
int MSG_process_self_PID ()
 Return the PID of the current process. More...
int MSG_process_self_PPID ()
 Return the PPID of the current process. More...
const char * MSG_process_self_name ()
 Return the name of the current process. More...
msg_process_t MSG_process_self ()
 Return the current process. More...
xbt_dynar_t MSG_processes_as_dynar ()
 returns a list of all currently existing processes More...
int MSG_process_get_number ()
 Return the current number MSG processes. More...
voidMSG_process_get_data (msg_process_t process)
 Returns the user data of a process. More...
msg_error_t MSG_process_set_data (msg_process_t process, void *data)
 Sets the user data of a process. More...
void MSG_process_on_exit (int_f_pvoid_pvoid_t fun, void *data)
 Add a function to the list of "on_exit" functions for the current process. More...
void MSG_process_ref (msg_process_t process)
 Take an extra reference on that process to prevent it to be garbage-collected. More...
void MSG_process_unref (msg_process_t process)
 Release a reference on that process so that it can get be garbage-collected. More...
msg_task_t MSG_task_create (const char *name, double flops_amount, double bytes_amount, void *data)
 Creates a new msg_task_t. More...
msg_task_t MSG_parallel_task_create (const char *name, int host_nb, const msg_host_t *host_list, double *flops_amount, double *bytes_amount, void *data)
 Creates a new msg_task_t (a parallel one....). More...
voidMSG_task_get_data (msg_task_t task)
 Return the user data of a msg_task_t. More...
void MSG_task_set_data (msg_task_t task, void *data)
 Sets the user data of a msg_task_t. More...
void MSG_task_set_copy_callback (void(*callback)(msg_task_t task, msg_process_t src, msg_process_t dst))
msg_process_t MSG_task_get_sender (msg_task_t task)
 Return the sender of a msg_task_t. More...
msg_host_t MSG_task_get_source (msg_task_t task)
 Return the source of a msg_task_t. More...
const char * MSG_task_get_name (msg_task_t task)
 Return the name of a msg_task_t. More...
void MSG_task_set_name (msg_task_t task, const char *name)
 Sets the name of a msg_task_t. More...
msg_error_t MSG_task_cancel (msg_task_t task)
 Cancel a msg_task_t. More...
msg_error_t MSG_task_destroy (msg_task_t task)
 Destroy a msg_task_t. More...
msg_error_t MSG_task_execute (msg_task_t task)
 Executes a task and waits for its termination. More...
msg_error_t MSG_parallel_task_execute (msg_task_t task)
 Executes a parallel task and waits for its termination. More...
msg_error_t MSG_parallel_task_execute_with_timeout (msg_task_t task, double timeout)
void MSG_task_set_priority (msg_task_t task, double priority)
 Changes the priority of a computation task. More...
void MSG_task_set_bound (msg_task_t task, double bound)
 Changes the maximum CPU utilization of a computation task. More...
msg_error_t MSG_process_sleep (double nb_sec)
 Sleep for the specified number of seconds. More...
void MSG_task_set_flops_amount (msg_task_t task, double flops_amount)
 set the computation amount needed to process a task msg_task_t. More...
double MSG_task_get_flops_amount (msg_task_t task)
 Returns the amount of flops that remain to be computed. More...
double MSG_task_get_remaining_work_ratio (msg_task_t task)
 Returns a value in ]0,1[ that represent the task remaining work to do: starts at 1 and goes to 0. More...
void MSG_task_set_bytes_amount (msg_task_t task, double bytes_amount)
 set the amount data attached with a task msg_task_t. More...
double MSG_task_get_remaining_communication (msg_task_t task)
 Returns the total amount received by a task msg_task_t. More...
double MSG_task_get_bytes_amount (msg_task_t task)
 Returns the size of the data attached to a task msg_task_t. More...
msg_error_t MSG_task_receive_ext (msg_task_t *task, const char *alias, double timeout, msg_host_t host)
 Receives a task from a mailbox from a specific host with a given timeout. More...
msg_error_t MSG_task_receive_with_timeout (msg_task_t *task, const char *alias, double timeout)
 Receives a task from a mailbox with a given timeout. More...
msg_error_t MSG_task_receive (msg_task_t *task, const char *alias)
 Receives a task from a mailbox. More...
msg_error_t MSG_task_receive_ext_bounded (msg_task_t *task, const char *alias, double timeout, msg_host_t host, double rate)
 Receives a task from a mailbox from a specific host with a given timeout and at a given rate. More...
msg_error_t MSG_task_receive_with_timeout_bounded (msg_task_t *task, const char *alias, double timeout, double rate)
 Receives a task from a mailbox with a given timeout and at a given rate. More...
msg_error_t MSG_task_receive_bounded (msg_task_t *task, const char *alias, double rate)
 Receives a task from a mailbox at a given rate. More...
msg_comm_t MSG_task_isend (msg_task_t task, const char *alias)
 Sends a task on a mailbox. More...
msg_comm_t MSG_task_isend_bounded (msg_task_t task, const char *alias, double maxrate)
 Sends a task on a mailbox with a maximum rate. More...
void MSG_task_dsend (msg_task_t task, const char *alias, void_f_pvoid_t cleanup)
 Sends a task on a mailbox. More...
void MSG_task_dsend_bounded (msg_task_t task, const char *alias, void_f_pvoid_t cleanup, double maxrate)
 Sends a task on a mailbox with a maximal rate. More...
msg_comm_t MSG_task_irecv (msg_task_t *task, const char *alias)
 Starts listening for receiving a task from an asynchronous communication. More...
msg_comm_t MSG_task_irecv_bounded (msg_task_t *task, const char *alias, double rate)
 Starts listening for receiving a task from an asynchronous communication at a given rate. More...
int MSG_comm_test (msg_comm_t comm)
 Checks whether a communication is done, and if yes, finalizes it. More...
int MSG_comm_testany (xbt_dynar_t comms)
 This function checks if a communication is finished. More...
void MSG_comm_destroy (msg_comm_t comm)
 Destroys a communication. More...
msg_error_t MSG_comm_wait (msg_comm_t comm, double timeout)
 Wait for the completion of a communication. More...
void MSG_comm_waitall (msg_comm_t *comm, int nb_elem, double timeout)
 This function is called by a sender and permit to wait for each communication. More...
int MSG_comm_waitany (xbt_dynar_t comms)
 This function waits for the first communication finished in a list. More...
msg_task_t MSG_comm_get_task (msg_comm_t comm)
 Get a task (msg_task_t) from a communication. More...
msg_error_t MSG_comm_get_status (msg_comm_t comm)
 Returns the error (if any) that occurred during a finished communication. More...
int MSG_task_listen (const char *alias)
msg_error_t MSG_task_send_with_timeout (msg_task_t task, const char *alias, double timeout)
 Sends a task to a mailbox with a timeout. More...
msg_error_t MSG_task_send_with_timeout_bounded (msg_task_t task, const char *alias, double timeout, double maxrate)
 Sends a task to a mailbox with a timeout and with a maximum rate. More...
msg_error_t MSG_task_send (msg_task_t task, const char *alias)
 Sends a task to a mailbox. More...
msg_error_t MSG_task_send_bounded (msg_task_t task, const char *alias, double rate)
 Sends a task to a mailbox with a maximum rate. More...
int MSG_task_listen_from (const char *alias)
 Look if there is a communication on a mailbox and return the PID of the sender process. More...
void MSG_task_set_category (msg_task_t task, const char *category)
 Sets the tracing category of a task. More...
const char * MSG_task_get_category (msg_task_t task)
 Gets the current tracing category of a task. More...
void MSG_mailbox_set_async (const char *alias)
msg_sem_t MSG_sem_init (int initial_value)
 creates a semaphore object of the given initial capacity More...
void MSG_sem_acquire (msg_sem_t sem)
 locks on a semaphore object More...
msg_error_t MSG_sem_acquire_timeout (msg_sem_t sem, double timeout)
 locks on a semaphore object up until the provided timeout expires More...
void MSG_sem_release (msg_sem_t sem)
 releases the semaphore object More...
int MSG_sem_get_capacity (msg_sem_t sem)
void MSG_sem_destroy (msg_sem_t sem)
int MSG_sem_would_block (msg_sem_t sem)
 returns a boolean indicating if this semaphore would block at this very specific time More...
msg_bar_t MSG_barrier_init (unsigned int count)
 Initializes a barrier, with count elements. More...
void MSG_barrier_destroy (msg_bar_t bar)
 Initializes a barrier, with count elements. More...
int MSG_barrier_wait (msg_bar_t bar)
 Performs a barrier already initialized. More...
smx_context_t MSG_process_get_smx_ctx (msg_process_t process)

Macro Definition Documentation


#define MIN (   a,
)    ((a) < (b) ? (a) : (b))


#define MAX (   a,
)    ((a) > (b) ? (a) : (b))

◆ msg_as_t

#define msg_as_t   msg_netzone_t /* portability macro */

◆ MSG_task_recv

#define MSG_task_recv (   t,
)    MSG_task_receive(t,a)

◆ MSG_task_recv_bounded

#define MSG_task_recv_bounded (   t,
)    MSG_task_receive_bounded(t,a,r)

Typedef Documentation

◆ sg_msg_Comm

typedef struct msg_Comm sg_msg_Comm

◆ msg_netzone_t

◆ msg_host_t

◆ msg_vm_t

typedef sg_vm_t msg_vm_t

◆ msg_storage_t

◆ msg_process_t

◆ simdata_task_t

◆ s_msg_task_t

typedef struct msg_task s_msg_task_t

◆ msg_bar_t

typedef struct s_msg_bar_t* msg_bar_t

Function Documentation

◆ MSG_zone_get_root()

msg_netzone_t MSG_zone_get_root ( )

◆ MSG_zone_get_name()

const char* MSG_zone_get_name ( msg_netzone_t  zone)

◆ MSG_zone_get_by_name()

msg_netzone_t MSG_zone_get_by_name ( const char *  name)

◆ MSG_zone_get_sons()

void MSG_zone_get_sons ( msg_netzone_t  zone,
xbt_dict_t  whereto 

◆ MSG_zone_get_property_value()

const char* MSG_zone_get_property_value ( msg_netzone_t  zone,
const char *  name 

◆ MSG_zone_set_property_value()

void MSG_zone_set_property_value ( msg_netzone_t  zone,
const char *  name,
char *  value 

◆ MSG_zone_get_hosts()

void MSG_zone_get_hosts ( msg_netzone_t  zone,
xbt_dynar_t  whereto 

◆ MSG_get_host_number()

◆ MSG_get_host_by_name()

◆ MSG_host_by_name()

◆ MSG_hosts_as_dynar()

◆ MSG_host_get_name()

◆ MSG_host_get_data()

void* MSG_host_get_data ( sg_host_t  host)

◆ MSG_host_set_data()

void MSG_host_set_data ( sg_host_t  host,
void data 

◆ MSG_host_get_mounted_storage_list()

xbt_dict_t MSG_host_get_mounted_storage_list ( sg_host_t  host)

◆ MSG_host_get_attached_storage_lists()

xbt_dynar_t MSG_host_get_attached_storage_lists ( sg_host_t  host)

◆ MSG_host_get_speed()

double MSG_host_get_speed ( sg_host_t  host)

◆ MSG_host_get_power_peak_at()

double MSG_host_get_power_peak_at ( sg_host_t  host,
int  pstate_index 

◆ MSG_host_get_core_number()

int MSG_host_get_core_number ( sg_host_t  host)

◆ MSG_host_get_nb_pstates()

int MSG_host_get_nb_pstates ( sg_host_t  host)

◆ MSG_host_get_pstate()

int MSG_host_get_pstate ( sg_host_t  host)

◆ MSG_host_set_pstate()

void MSG_host_set_pstate ( sg_host_t  host,
int  pstate 

◆ MSG_host_on()

void MSG_host_on ( sg_host_t  h)

◆ MSG_host_off()

void MSG_host_off ( sg_host_t  h)

◆ MSG_host_is_on()

int MSG_host_is_on ( sg_host_t  h)

◆ MSG_host_is_off()

int MSG_host_is_off ( sg_host_t  h)

◆ MSG_host_get_properties()

xbt_dict_t MSG_host_get_properties ( sg_host_t  host)

◆ MSG_host_get_property_value()

const char* MSG_host_get_property_value ( sg_host_t  host,
const char *  name 

◆ MSG_host_set_property_value()

void MSG_host_set_property_value ( sg_host_t  host,
const char *  name,
const char *  value 

◆ MSG_host_get_process_list()

void MSG_host_get_process_list ( sg_host_t  host,
xbt_dynar_t  whereto 

◆ MSG_host_self()

◆ MSG_vm_create()

sg_vm_t MSG_vm_create ( sg_host_t  ind_pm,
const char *  name,
int  coreAmount,
int  ramsize,
int  mig_netspeed,
int  dp_intensity 

◆ MSG_vm_create_core()

msg_vm_t MSG_vm_create_core ( msg_host_t  pm,
const char *  name 

◆ MSG_vm_create_multicore()

msg_vm_t MSG_vm_create_multicore ( msg_host_t  pm,
const char *  name,
int  coreAmount 

◆ MSG_vm_is_created()

int MSG_vm_is_created ( msg_vm_t  vm)

◆ MSG_vm_is_running()

int MSG_vm_is_running ( msg_vm_t  vm)

◆ MSG_vm_is_suspended()

int MSG_vm_is_suspended ( msg_vm_t  vm)

◆ MSG_vm_get_name()

const char* MSG_vm_get_name ( msg_vm_t  vm)

◆ MSG_vm_set_ramsize()

void MSG_vm_set_ramsize ( msg_vm_t  vm,
size_t  size 

◆ MSG_vm_get_ramsize()

size_t MSG_vm_get_ramsize ( msg_vm_t  vm)

◆ MSG_vm_get_pm()

msg_host_t MSG_vm_get_pm ( msg_vm_t  vm)

◆ MSG_vm_set_bound()

void MSG_vm_set_bound ( msg_vm_t  vm,
double  bound 

◆ MSG_vm_start()

void MSG_vm_start ( msg_vm_t  vm)

◆ MSG_vm_suspend()

void MSG_vm_suspend ( msg_vm_t  vm)

◆ MSG_vm_resume()

void MSG_vm_resume ( msg_vm_t  vm)

◆ MSG_vm_shutdown()

void MSG_vm_shutdown ( msg_vm_t  vm)

◆ MSG_vm_destroy()

void MSG_vm_destroy ( msg_vm_t  vm)

◆ MSG_storage_get_name()

const char* MSG_storage_get_name ( msg_storage_t  storage)

◆ MSG_storage_get_by_name()

msg_storage_t MSG_storage_get_by_name ( const char *  name)

◆ MSG_storage_get_properties()

xbt_dict_t MSG_storage_get_properties ( msg_storage_t  storage)

◆ MSG_storage_set_property_value()

void MSG_storage_set_property_value ( msg_storage_t  storage,
const char *  name,
const char *  value 

◆ MSG_storage_get_property_value()

const char* MSG_storage_get_property_value ( msg_storage_t  storage,
const char *  name 

◆ MSG_storages_as_dynar()

xbt_dynar_t MSG_storages_as_dynar ( )

◆ MSG_storage_set_data()

void MSG_storage_set_data ( msg_storage_t  storage,
void data 

◆ MSG_storage_get_data()

void* MSG_storage_get_data ( msg_storage_t  storage)

◆ MSG_storage_get_host()

const char* MSG_storage_get_host ( msg_storage_t  storage)

◆ MSG_storage_read()

sg_size_t MSG_storage_read ( msg_storage_t  storage,
sg_size_t  size 

◆ MSG_storage_write()

sg_size_t MSG_storage_write ( msg_storage_t  storage,
sg_size_t  size 

◆ MSG_process_get_PID()

int MSG_process_get_PID ( msg_process_t  process)

◆ MSG_process_get_PPID()

int MSG_process_get_PPID ( msg_process_t  process)

◆ MSG_process_from_PID()

sg_actor_t MSG_process_from_PID ( int  pid)

◆ MSG_process_get_name()

const char* MSG_process_get_name ( msg_process_t  process)

◆ MSG_process_get_host()

sg_host_t MSG_process_get_host ( msg_process_t  process)

◆ MSG_process_get_properties()

xbt_dict_t MSG_process_get_properties ( msg_process_t  process)

◆ MSG_process_get_property_value()

const char* MSG_process_get_property_value ( msg_process_t  process,
const char *  name 

◆ MSG_process_suspend()

void MSG_process_suspend ( msg_process_t  process)

◆ MSG_process_resume()

void MSG_process_resume ( msg_process_t  process)

◆ MSG_process_is_suspended()

int MSG_process_is_suspended ( msg_process_t  process)

◆ MSG_process_restart()

void MSG_process_restart ( msg_process_t  process)

◆ MSG_process_auto_restart_set()

void MSG_process_auto_restart_set ( msg_process_t  process,
int  auto_restart 

◆ MSG_process_daemonize()

void MSG_process_daemonize ( msg_process_t  process)

◆ MSG_process_migrate()

void MSG_process_migrate ( msg_process_t  process,
msg_host_t  host 

◆ MSG_process_join()

void MSG_process_join ( msg_process_t  process,
double  timeout 

◆ MSG_process_kill()

void MSG_process_kill ( msg_process_t  process)

◆ MSG_process_killall()

void MSG_process_killall ( )

◆ MSG_process_set_kill_time()

void MSG_process_set_kill_time ( msg_process_t  process,
double  kill_time 

◆ MSG_process_yield()

void MSG_process_yield ( )

◆ MSG_main()

◆ MSG_function_register()

◆ MSG_function_register_default()

void MSG_function_register_default ( xbt_main_func_t  code)

◆ MSG_create_environment()

◆ MSG_launch_application()

◆ MSG_set_function()

void MSG_set_function ( const char *  host_id,
const char *  function_name,
xbt_dynar_t  arguments 

register functions bypassing the parser

◆ MSG_get_clock()

◆ MSG_get_sent_msg()

unsigned long int MSG_get_sent_msg ( )

◆ MSG_process_attach()

msg_process_t MSG_process_attach ( const char *  name,
void data,
msg_host_t  host,
xbt_dict_t  properties 

◆ MSG_process_detach()

void MSG_process_detach ( )

Detach a process attached with MSG_process_attach()

This is called when the current process has finished its job. Used in the main thread, it waits for the simulation to finish before returning. When it returns, the other simulated processes and the maestro are destroyed.

◆ MSG_processes_as_dynar()

xbt_dynar_t MSG_processes_as_dynar ( )

returns a list of all currently existing processes

◆ MSG_process_get_number()

int MSG_process_get_number ( )

Return the current number MSG processes.

◆ MSG_task_set_copy_callback()

void MSG_task_set_copy_callback ( void(*)(msg_task_t task, msg_process_t src, msg_process_t dst callback)

◆ MSG_task_cancel()

msg_error_t MSG_task_cancel ( msg_task_t  task)

Cancel a msg_task_t.

taskthe task to cancel. If it was executed or transfered, it stops the process that were working on it.

◆ MSG_parallel_task_execute_with_timeout()

msg_error_t MSG_parallel_task_execute_with_timeout ( msg_task_t  task,
double  timeout 

◆ MSG_task_listen()

int MSG_task_listen ( const char *  alias)

◆ MSG_mailbox_set_async()

void MSG_mailbox_set_async ( const char *  alias)

◆ MSG_process_get_smx_ctx()

smx_context_t MSG_process_get_smx_ctx ( msg_process_t  process)