SimGrid  3.15
Versatile Simulation of Distributed Systems
msg_file_priv Struct Reference

#include <msg.h>

Public Attributes

char * fullpath
sg_size_t size
char * mount_point
char * storageId
char * storage_type
char * content_type
int desc_id
simdata_file_t simdata

Member Data Documentation

◆ fullpath

char* msg_file_priv::fullpath

◆ size

sg_size_t msg_file_priv::size

◆ mount_point

char* msg_file_priv::mount_point

◆ storageId

char* msg_file_priv::storageId

◆ storage_type

char* msg_file_priv::storage_type

◆ content_type

char* msg_file_priv::content_type

◆ desc_id

int msg_file_priv::desc_id

◆ data

void* msg_file_priv::data

◆ simdata

simdata_file_t msg_file_priv::simdata

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